• Its going to be a Stuttering New Year

    Posted on December 23, 2012 by in Stuttering

    The new year is upon us and its time to start putting some serious thought into our new years resolutions. Do you have any new years resolutions for your stuttering? My new years resolution is to continue to live my life to the fullest. I am determined to continue to not allow my stuttering to dictate how I live my life. This year I have done a pretty good job of that. I have a great job, a great position with the National Stuttering Association, a great fiance’..I really can’t ask for much more! What is your new years resolution? Does it involve stuttering? Heres a new years resolution to consider…get involved with the National Stuttering Association. What a great network of people who stutter that you can become involved in. Join an NSA chapter to receive self help and support. Join us in Arizona this year for the national conference, where you will likely meet 800+ people who stutter. This is a great first step in the process of not allowing your stuttering to control your life.

    I would like everyone who reads this to list their new years resolutions! What is your new years resolution for 2013? Does it involve stuttering?

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