• Bullying the People Who Stutter

    Posted on April 12, 2012 by in Stuttering

    Did anyone see that incredible news piece on ABC a few nights ago? If you didn’t see it take a look! If you don’t click this video below, you will be missing out on, in my opinion, the best awareness media to ever come out about stuttering.

    I’ve said it before, and I am saying it again. This is THE BEST awareness media that has ever come out about stuttering.  Dare I say…even better than The King’s Speech!…YUP!  I said it. I am not taking away anything from The King’s Speech.  That movie really brought stuttering to the mainstream.  However, this piece connected with both children and adults!  I will say that it is because of The King’s Speech that stuttering has received so much great media attention.

    Why was this video so powerful?  For one, the girl being bullied was actually a person who stutters. How often do we see actual people who stutter in the media. Not only did this girl stutter, but it was a very noticeable stutter!  I commend ABC for having an actual person who stutters play the role of the person being bullied.

    Bullying is something that every person who stutters experiences. Many times, when we are bullied we feel alone. We think, why us?  Well, as you can see you are not alone. Bullying happens to all people who stutter!  One of the other great things about this video is that it shows that if you are bullied, there is a good chance somebody will stand up for you. That someone may even be a total stranger.

    Did anyone see the stuttering facts pop up on the screen.  What a great way to let the world know a few facts about stuttering!

    What about how many people this connected with. The King’s Speech connected with Adults who stutter.  Lets face it, children wont want to sit through a long movie about King George. I wonder how many children had the opportunity to see this?  Or how many parents brought their children who stutter over to the TV to watch?

    I look forward to seeing more media similar to this.  I hope more people use REAL people who stutter!  Its so powerful!

    Have you ever been bullied like this?  Talk about your own experiences!


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