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This website was created by me, Evan Sherman. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist from Ormond, Beach Florida. I served as chapter leader for the Syracuse chapter of the National Stuttering Association from 2007 to 2011. I was awarded Chapter Leader of the Year in 2011 and I have presented at national conferences and local workshops on the topic of Stuttering. I was also featured in local newspapers, news stations and radio broadcasts in the Syracuse area during the opening week of The King's Speech to talk about the impact of the movie on the stuttering community.. I currently host google+ hangouts for on Sunday nights at 8:00pm EST. I take great pride in the fact that I am a person who stutters. Since opening up about my stuttering I have become, not only a confident person, but a confident person who stutters. Stuttering has shaped me into the compassionate, hard working, driven human being that I am today and I look forward to sharing my feelings and experiences with all of you.