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    Posted on August 3, 2012 by in Stuttering

    To all of my followers,

    I am so sorry that I have not posted a blog in awhile.  I have been working on several different projects, one of which I would like to share with all of you!

    One of the projects I have been working on is a new Facebook group.  The I Stutter So What!? Facebook group is a community for all people who stutter, both overt and covert.  This is a unique group for many reasons. For one, no advertising of treatment programs is allowed.  If you are a professional and claim to have a cure for stuttering, this is not the place to advertise. Basically, this group should not be used as a virtual billboard for treatment programs. This group is about good, old fashioned talk about stuttering. Talk about the NSA conference, talk about your experiences with your stuttering.  Seek help or advise from your peers in the group. This is a community for all of you! So enjoy.

    Another great aspect of this group is that I have listed it as “Secret”, meaning nobody can see the members of the group, nobody can see the wall posts, and nobody can find the group by searching for it on Facebook group.  What is the benefit of having a secret group? Well, for one, I can monitor those professionals who are advertising their programs, but the main reason why this group is “secret” is because I want this group to be covert PWS friendly. If you are a member of this group, nobody will know! So all of those are are covert PWS, if you would like to be a member of an exclusive stuttering community, this is the place for you!

    There is one drawback to the “secret” group. Since it is “secret” it is not searchable by anybody, meaning that in order for anyone to become a member, they need to be invited.  That’s right!  This is invitation only!  Therefore, you will need to contact me to become a member.  You can send me a Facebook message, or leave a message under this post. Feel free to use the contact us tab on the ISSW site.   Once I approve you, you will receive a personal message directly from me, welcoming you to the group!


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  1. Mark de says:

    Evan, came across your blog today and found it to be both informative and inspirational. I am a 51 year old PWS who has been involved with traditional therapies in the past and is always looking for new and different approaches to improving my fluency. I would like to be invited to join the Facebook group

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