• A Theatre Company for People Who Stutter and the “True Life” of Tim Flynn

    Posted on January 10, 2013 by in Podcast Episodes


    During this episode I speak with David Shinefield, the creator of the theatre company “Together We Act: A One-Act Play and 3 People Who Stutter”. He talks about his ventures with this group. He is really trying to get his project off of the ground and could really use everyones support, so do him a favor and donate to this cause after you listen. Also featured on this episode is Tim Flynn who is a person who stutters and a member of the National Stuttering Association. Tim was also featured on the MTV reality show, “True Life: I Stutter.” This is part one of my interview with him. He has had some very interesting experiences as a person who stutters. He has really come a long way in his life and he is willing to share it with you all up close and personal. Listen as he explains how he rose above all of the ridicule and verbal abuse he dealt with throughout his childhood and adolescent years. He tells us all how he persevered to become a successful Speech Language Pathologist. Enjoy!

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