• Stuttering- Full Moons and Superstitions

    Posted on August 18, 2012 by in Stuttering

    Let me first start out by saying that my views on this topic are not supported by any research whatsoever. With that being said, for my entire life I have noticed that whenever there is a full moon, I have a tendency to stutter more. Every time I tell this story I get wierd looks, usually followed by the question “are you a werewolf or something?”.  Well let me tell you something, it is like clockwork. In fact, there have been times when I found myself very disfluent and unaware of the full moon, and predicted it myself.  I would say about 95% of the time, my premonitions are correct.  Take it how you will, but I honestly feel that many times, stuttering can be exacerbated by a full moon.

    For example, during this month we had two full moons and I have noticed a dramatic increase in my dislfuencies this month.  I recently mentioned my full moon phenomenon on Facebook and a couple of my friends have in fact experienced more disfluencies than usual this month.  So now, I am posing the question to my blog readers:

    1. How has your stuttering been this month – Are you stuttering more?  Less?
    2. Have the moon phases ever crossed your mind during a disfluent day/week/month?

    Leave your comments below. Id love to hear from you!

    While we are talking about the full moon, let’s talk about superstitions.  When you wake up in the morning, do you do things a certain way in order to have a more fluent day?  Do you have to follow a routine?  Do you have to stretch before you get up from your bed?  Do you only eat the marshmallows from your lucky charms cereal box in order to ensure a fluent day?  As silly as this sounds, some people do these things!  I used to practice speaking every morning to ensure a day of easier speech, but I have never done anything drastic to ensure a fluent day.  Have you?  Lets hear about it!

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  1. ILL ROYCE says:

    Evan, I didn’t make a full moon connection, but i had serious stuttering issues the First week in august. i gad been more fluent than average as you saw on the hang out with asmall block here and there and no biggies. Then out of the blue i was almost incoherent in several situations i couldn’t

  2. Nenad Rendic says:

    I have never paid attention when the full moon time is to be. Therefore I am going to do it since now on and check whether I stammer more during full moon or I do not.

  3. Rob says:

    While scientific experiments don’t support the lunar affect theory, I believe the full moon does influence human behavior. While I don’t stutter, I have noticed my dreams are much more vivid and real, and I feel my anxiety level is higher when the moon is full. It’s hard to believe that humans are not affected and it seems likely to me that we are hardwired through evolution to respond to it, after all it was probably a big party night over the course of millions of years simply by virtue of more light.
    It’s a fascinating subject and your observations are probably spot on. I love the website!

  4. Mj says:

    I’m do not stutter at all on a regular basis, but just like you I can tell if there’s a full moon just by the way I speak. I do tend to stutter and trip over my own thoughts during these times. Some months are worse than others, but it always holds true. I’m a bartender, and a good one at that. My oratory skills are what make me one. But once a month I tend not only to stutter, but I also have trouble finishing thoughts and sentences,(sometimes to the point that I trail off and just walk away because I realize there is no saving my point.) The fact that this happens is not what surprises me. What surprises me is that when I looked it up tonight when I got off of work, yours was the only post I found related to the subject. What compounds this feeling, is the fact that my brother, also completely sane, brought to my attention that the same thing happens to him. He brought this up to me without me ever telling him that I suffer from the same affliction. I guess I write this to you to let you know that you are not alone, and if you ever find out more information throughout your research, I’d like to hear more.

  5. Collins says:

    I can see that these conversations took place 4 yrs ago. I’m a stammerer and I’ve been tracing it with connection to the full moon, and it has dawned to me that I really have difficulties speaking before people when there’s full moon.
    I sometimes try to practise speech making while am alone in my room and i realize that am fluent but the moment i address people i don’t know where all the tension and anxiety comes from.
    I wish there could be a cure for stuttering, i wish i was fluent, i could be far by now, it’s really hindering my dreams and i really hate this thing.
    It is responsible for the worst moments I’ve ever had in my life, makes me loose friends, i can’t involve myself in various activities that have a lot of talking in it even if i have bright ideas.

  6. Kj M says:

    Its bad.it gives me an anxiety ,panic .i cant speak in public ,i cant stand in public and spreak something.it makes lives in front of people to be boring
    I wish there could be a cure .these things become worse during full moon .its realy full moon affects us.
    I have to realise that i have it and i will have it for the rest of the life .let other people know that.

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